Suguay Productions started as a test site.

The intent was for me to be able to test software that I might use for different websites so that I knew if it was going to do the job I wanted or not.

For some time now, I have been using Joomla! as my main tool for sharing the results of the things I've tried as well as other random topics.

I had originally looked at Drupal and chose not to start with it. I revisited Drupal to try to use it for doing the same thing I am using Joomla! only to find my patience with it to be limited.

I decided to add a personal blog and see how well I like WordPress. I've got it installed here to play with and test out things. You'll find that at the "Did We Break it Yet". This is likely to change a lot since I'll be testing templates and widgets and things here. I may even start to add reall content at some point as well. Anything is possible.

The personal blog you will find at SusanGaSonG. This is has general commentary and such by me that I thought I would share with the world. True, as some one recently said, it's pretty much the equivalent of a public diary except, I'm not quite that personal. Really, there are somethings best left un-shared.

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